Hugs & Pups Stroll – p. 2

Two students with Macie the Mastiff. Both are smiling and one is looking at the other.

We love seeing students interacting with each other around the dogs as well, including those who don’t know each other. These past two years have been so isolating for everyone, so one of our goals for next year is to facilitate community building, especially for Carolina students who haven’t really found their niche yet.

Two students squat down, petting Macie, while a third is posting a picture that she just took of Macie on Instagram

Our pups end up on lots of student IG accounts. When they tag our IG (@Happee.Natl), we repost them on our story. In addition, the pics are also frequently texted home, which can make parents come to check out our group on FB and sometimes they even join us!

Blue the Great Dane is sitting on the edge of a large bricked area, looking away from the camera at students walking by in the distance.

On the rare occasions that our pups aren’t surrounded by students, they watch and wait expectantly to see who will approach for a dose of puppy love next.

By the end of the year, lots of students followed our social media accounts to find out when we’d be on campus next, while we met new students each time as well.

This is one of my favorite students. She follows us on Twitter (@HappeeNatl) and plans for each stroll. Then if she sees a dog and I’m not around, she sends me a pic so that I’ll know that she found them. 🥰

A student standing behind Blue the Great Dane and petting his neck, while smiling happily down at him. Blue is sitting directly in front of her with his body facing the camera but his head pointed straight up so that he is looking at her face.

This (former) student is one of everyone’s favorites! She graduated in spring 2022 and if she stays in town next year (her plans aren’t set yet), she’ll be our first HAPPEE alumna who joins as a volunteer after graduation! She already feels like part of our group and *always* comes to find us when we stroll (thanks to IG @happee.natl). She also won DOGGO Bingo in spring 2022!

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