Student Voices

Students have shown their appreciation for the Hugs & Pups teams in various and creative ways. Here are a few of them.

Y’all are my favorite thing about going to Carolina!

UNC student to a Hugs & Pups team
photo of person holding a little white dog with rainbow words on the screen saying "Hugs and Pups Posse Encouraging & Empowering"

Becoming HAPPEE
Student Documentary, 10/23/2023

photo of article titled 'HAPPEE aims to help make students happier' in a newspaper

HAPPEE aims to help make students happier
Daily Tar Heel, 1/18/2023

Digital Storytelling Project by UNC journalism student Emily Chambliss

Mental Health at UNC, a final journalism class project by Megan O’Connor

A thumbnail from a video that shows Milo the Chiweenie, wearing a harness and a rainbow bandana, looking straight at the camera

Milo’s Movie

Journalism class video by UNC junior Jaylen Harrell

Hugs and Pups and Photos

Senior Photojournalism Project
by Alice Hayes


Hugs and Pups: A Feature Story

Senior Journalism Paper
by Alice Hayes

Macie the Mastiff's head is draped over the back of the car seat, while she waits patiently to arrive on campus and spread her puppy love

Hugs & Pups Stroll

More pictures from Alice Hayes’ time with two Hugs & Pups teams plus an additional narrative from HAPPEE

An impromptu student sketch of Blue the Great Dane's head

An artistic student who was hanging out near Blue the Great Dane‘s Hugs & Pups team sketched him in Spring 2022 and we all love it! It lives on Noel-Beth’s refrigerator. If anyone knows who the artist is, we’d love to give credit where credit is due.

Thumbnail for Carolina Week feature on HAPPEE. A white van is driving by, with "Happy Heart Day" written on the back window, a fairly large brown dog's head (hence his name, Big Dog) with his head sticking out of the middle window smiling, above a sign with the HAPPEE logo. In the front passenger's seat is a man in a face mask, waving to the camera.

Carolina Week video news story about our 2022 Valentine’s Puppy Parade (go to 8:23 in the video to see us)