A Student Testimonial

A Carolina student’s POV
Note: The opinions presented here are that of the author and not necessarily those of HAPPEE, Inc.

I first learned about Hugs & Pups my second day on campus before the start of my freshman year. This was during a time where I was trying to figure out my place and how I belonged here at UNC. Blue was the dog on site that day when my suitemates and I were walking around campus and getting to know each other. I was anxious that day, but playing with Blue and getting a warm mom hug reassured me that I was in the right place. Since then, I have made the point to visit Hugs & Pups whenever I can while they are on campus. During my freshman year, my classes lined up perfectly so I could pet the dogs before heading to lunch. It is also how one of my close friends and I became closer, because we kept running into each other now. It quickly became our routine to meet up there everyday, to the point where we were the regulars. This is an amazing organization that has given me an outlet to relieve a lot of built up stress. I have loved being able to build relationships with many of the leaders of this group, and we check in with each other all the time. There have even been days where I would sit with them for an hour and talk about everything. Now, I’m beginning my sophomore year at UNC. I am unfortunately unable to see Hugs & Pups as often as I did the past year, but I still get just as excited to see all of the different dogs for the day. I am constantly recommending my friends to go see the dogs when they are on campus, because they can always bring some brightness to our hard days of class. I believe that everyone needs to be able to find relief and happiness during the school day, and I was able to find mine with the Hugs & Pups group.

Submitted by Reagan Gulledge 9/1/2023

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