Exciting Paperwork?

I never thought I’d get excited about paperwork!
HAPPEE is now in our first full fiscal year (July 1-June 30) of being an official non-profit organization! Our first Board of Directors meeting of the year was last week and we are starting our year off with, what else… paperwork. But that’s OK, because it’s the good kind. The kind of paperwork it takes to be as efficient we can be so as to offer hugs and pup playtime to as many UNC-Chapel Hill students as possible in the upcoming school year. The kind of written planning that will allow us to expand our activities to meet more needs of our beloved students. And the kind of financial documentation that will ensure that the funds that our supporters entrust us with will be used responsibly, deliberately, and wisely, with proper oversight and a “paper” trail. Yup, we are making sure that we are starting our first year as an organized organization so that we can really focus on the important stuff: hugs and pups and such. So I say, sincerely, “Yay, paperwork!”
-Cathy Emrick

Oscar Mayer, a black lab / basset hound mix is at home, lying doown with a toy bone clutched between his front paws. He is looking up at the camera.
Oscar Mayer will never be excited by paperwork

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