Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for YOU!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our HAPPEE friends. We are so grateful that you decided to join us in this endeavor to create a place for students to come and feel cared for and safe.

Some students have gone from barely a fist bump to reaching out for hugs immediately upon arrival. Some hang out with us the entire time we are there, and it’s not because we are *that* cool. They feel loved and safe. One was afraid of dogs, but after visiting with us a while, declared he was no longer scared and patted the dog. Many cry on our shoulders because the world is demanding so much from them and it’s just plain hard.

I love to see them bouncing around with our HAPPEE mascot keychains (a brilliant idea from Michelle Young), thinking how cool it is that they can just enjoy being the young people that they are and pat a dog while their cares melt away. They go crazy over candy and stickers because they feel free to just embrace life and fun and whatever we have to offer them.

So whether you go regularly to Hug or Pup, have donated money or leftover Halloween candy (which is going fast!), or are “just” cheering us on from afar, know that we appreciate each and every one of you for your contributions. Thank you for being accepting, embracing, giving, and willing to help these college students feel a little safer in this big world.
Noel-Beth Sipe

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