What do UNC students have to say about Hugs & Pups?

How much do they love our dogs?
From the first time we set foot on campus with a dog, hoping to bring a little emotional support to a reeling community, it was obvious to us that a dog and a hug really could have a substantial, if temporary, impact on student mental health. It almost seemed too good to be true to think that we, who had been grieving with them from a distance, could actually, finally, DO something to help! We have since heard a few students say that when people are at their lowest, sometimes just helping them get through that day is enough for now. Tomorrow might be a little bit better, a little bit easier. Obviously just getting through one day doesn’t solve all of a severely depressed person’s problems, but sometimes it’s a victory just to still be here tomorrow to try again.

We just added a new page to our website named “Student Voices.” We invite you to check it out to hear and see for yourself what Carolina students are saying about us. Here’s fair warning, though: so far, those of us who have read the feature-length article there have all mysteriously ended up with something in our eye.
-Cathy Emrick

A screenshot of a FB post to the UNC Chapel Hill - Parents group. The person's name is blacked out, but the post reads "To the parents on campus today giving hugs... thank you. My daughter has been having a very rough semester, and got a hug today. She said she immediately started bawling. She said it felt like one of my hugs (which means a lot) the lady told her she was a mom too that's why it felt like mine. We are both so anxious for her to visit this week - thank ou for taking the time to bring some brightness to her day. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so vey much"

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